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Q: What is the seating capacity of a Harkins theater?
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What is the Seating capacity at Apollo Theater?

The seating capacity is 1,506 seats.

What is seating capacity of theater of dionysus?

17,000 people xD

What theater has the largest seating capacity in the world?

radio city

What is seating capacity The Arlington theater in Santa Barbara?


What is the seating capacity at the Soho Theatre?

The Soho Theater in New York City has a seating capacity of five thousand people. For most popular events, the seating capacity is usually filled to the brim.

What is the seating capacity at the theatre at Madison square garden?

The seating capacity for Madison Square Garden in New York City, will depend on the event. For basketball it has a seating capacity of 19,763. For hockey it is 17,200. The theater capacity is 5,600.

What in the seating capacity of the galaxy theater in Santa Ana ca?


Rochester Aud theater seating capacity?

The Rochester Aud Theatre has a seatin capacity of 300 in the main Theatre.

What is the seating capacity of the Congress Theatre in Eastbourne?

The seating capacity of The Congress Theater in Eastburne is 1,689. It also has a liscenced bar on the premisis. There is a cloakroom as well as facilities for the disabled.

What is the University of the Philippines university theater seating capacity?

I think it's around 2,200.

How much does a pickle cost at harkins theater?

At the Harkins Theatres where I live (in AZ) they cost $2.25.

What is the largest theater in UK?

The largest theatre in the UK, by seating capacity, is the Edinburgh Playhouse with 3059 seats.

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