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goal to the last person it touched and assist to the person who threw it

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Q: What is the scored goal called when an offensive player attempts to throw the lacrosse ball in the goal and it deflects off another offensive player?
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What does Bag-at-away mean in lacrosse?

Without the dashes its another name for lacrosse the Algonquin nation used.

What kind of sports did the mohawk abouriginals play?

It was much like LaCrosse...Another was a skill game with knife throwing. They also danced.

What is a turnover in Lacrosse?

its when possession of the ball is switched from one team to another

What is a feed in lacrosse?

its when a player passes the ball to another player is open for a shot on the goal

What is contaiment?

the blocking of another nation's attempts to spread its influence

Is there another name for a lacrosse stick then its formal name like a guitar is referred to as an axe?

a reggin

How do you meet a lacrosse player?

there just another person walk up to them and ask them about lacrosse, if you don't see any of them with sticks ask around or wait till the season starts up again

What did Brine Lacrosse achieve in his career?

The Brine National Lacrosse Team went to the NCAA Final Four and while they did not win the dream was always to be able to participate. They would get another chance later in life.

How do you make a lacrosse stick longer?

Duck tape another pole(cut however long you want it) onto the end.

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I want to watch lacrosse on TV but I can't keep track of the ball how can I follow the ball?

To the untrained eye and to people new to the sport, watching lacrosse on TV could be difficult, afterall, the ball is only 7.75- 8 inches in circumference and the field is 110 yards long by 55 yards wide with two goals measureing 6 ft by 6 ft and the ball can move at speeds in excess of 100 mph. No wonder, lacrosse is called the fastest game on two feet. However, if you understand that lacrosse offense and defense is similar to that of basketball then you may have an easier time watching. A couple things to know 1) typical lacrosse offense formations are a 2-2-2 i.e. 2 attackman beind the goal, 1 middie and 1 attack man in front of the goal and 2 middies above the goal, or , 1-3-2 or 1-4-1 2) Defense is either man-to-man or zone 3) typically, the ball in lacrosse on offense is passed from player to player around the perimeter of the goal. Players run with the ball in their crosse cradling it then pass it to another player who runs toward the player with the ball to receive it from them. When offense is intiated, it is typically 'off ball' movement which helps to determine who becomes open for a shot from a 'feeding' attackman or middie. Off Ball movement is achieved by setting picks or making 'v cuts' to get open so a ball can be passed to an open offensive player. Just like basketball, lacrosse balls move from the defensive half of the field toward the offensive half of the field in what is called a clear, a pass made by a defensive player or goalie to another player who runs or passes the ball to another player toward their own goal.