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Q: What is the salary of third base coach Joe McEwing of the Chicago White Sox baseball team?
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What is the team salary for the Chicago White Sox?

The Chicago White Sox's 2014 team salary is $90551983, 19th in the MLB.

How much money did Bo Jackson make in his best year?

Bo Jackson's highest baseball salary was $2,410,000 in 1993 when he played for the Chicago White Sox.

What is the salary for Chicago White Sox general manager Kenny Williams?

Manager Kenny Williams makes $260,000 as a salary.

What two major league baseball teams are found in Illinois?

The Chicago cubs and Chicago white sox

Who sells more tickets Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Soxs?

Which Chicago baseball team sells more tickets Chicago Cubs or the Chicago White Sox's

What sport does the team White Sox?

the Chicago white sox are a baseball team in the major league baseball.

Are the White Sox a Chicago baseball team?


This city in the middle west is home to two baseball teams?

Chicago Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs.

What is the mascot for the chicgo White Sox baseball team?

Southpaw (Chicago White Sox)

Is Chicago White Sox a college?

No, it is a Major League baseball team located in Chicago, Ill.

What American baseball league plays for Chicago?

The Chicago White Sox play in the American League.

What baseball team had the exploding scoreboard?

Chicago White Sox.