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3,114,985 a year.

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Q: What is the salary of marshall university swim coach?
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Did Michael Phelps swim on Univ of Mi swim team?

Yes, he did while his coach Bob Bowman was head coach of the Michigan wolverines men's swim team. After the 2008 olympics, he and his coach moved back to Baltimore.

You usually have swim practice or meets?

First you go to swim practice, then your coach enters you in a swim meet when you are ready.

What are the most phrases used in swim?

Coach bob

What is the work like as a swimming coach?

Being a swim coach can be very hard, depending on what time. If you are talking about a competitive swim coach, than I can tell you that it is very hard work. Competitive swim coaches often have to spend there time at five 'o'clock in the morning on a pool deck coaching aspiring swimmers. Also they spend their evenings coaching. They also have to spend some of their personal time talking to swim parents and having meetings with the swim team council. A swim coach is a very difficult job!

Can a swim coach push too hard?

Yes... yes he can

Is ther a boys swim team at the university of Illinois?

heck ya go join and swim swim swim

Does university of Alabama have a club swim team?

Yes, it is called Crimson Tide Aquatics and it is a USA swim club team in the Southeastern Swimming LSC. They swim in the University of Alabama Pool.

Where Can swimming get you the world?

swimming could end up being your future. my swim coach when to a all sport college and then he went into a swimming sport laboratory for talented swimmers. after that he get a job as a swim coach from his former college. He then went to France and was a coach there and then he came to the US to coach, hes been around swimming for 60 year and has taken 3 people to the Olympics.

Who was Harvey Chilton to Duke Kahanamoku?

Duke Kahanamoku was an OlympicChampion swimmer from Hawaii. Duke's swimming coach was Harvey Chilton. Harvey Chilton coached Hui Makani Swim Club and was very well known swimming coach during this time period. He was known as the swim coach of "Hawaii's Champions".

Who is max in the book stotan?

max is a coach on the Robert frost high swim team

What actors and actresses appeared in Swim Zack Swim - 2002?

The cast of Swim Zack Swim - 2002 includes: Adrienne Bissonette as Swim Instructor Elizabeth Calverley as Swim Instructor 2 Jacobus de Bock as Trophy shop owner Susan Hatfield as Swim Coach Evan Phillips as Zackery Thompson

What are some colleges with swim teams?

University of Michigan