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what is the salary of a division 1 head softball coach

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Q: What is the salary of a division 1 softball head coach?
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What is the salary of a NCAA division 3 head softball coach?


Who is the youngest head coach in division 1 softball?

The answer to "Who is the youngest head coach in division 1 softball" is Mary Wise. Mary Wise got hired at the age of 21.

What is the starting salary for a ncaa division I head baseball coach?


What is the salary of a NCAA division 2 head basketball coach?


What is the salary of a NCAA division 3 head basketball coach?

Varies by university and college.

What are college head volleyball coaches salaries?

What is the average salary for a head volleball coach that is coaching at the division II level?

What is the salary of a ncaa division III head football coach?

According to research by Hendrix officials, the average salary for a head football coach in NCAA III is $65,000 a year and the average recruiting budget is $35,000.

Who is the Chicago Bandits softball coach?

Head coach, Mickey Dean. Assistant Head coach, Mike Steuerwald.

Is Michael Bastian a softball coach?

Yes, Michael Bastian is a Softball coach. China National Team, Head Coach 2005-2006

US softball team head coach?

mike candrea

Is Clint Myers head coach of the ASU softball team?


What kind of college degree do you need to coach college softball?

To become a college softball coach, a bachelor's degree of some-sort is required, but the degree in general doesn't necessarily matter. Experience playing and an understanding of the game is extremely important. Most college softball coaches begin coaching at the high school level, before assisting at a division-2 or division-3 level to gain experience prior to becoming a head coach.

What is salary for green bay head coach?


Who is the US softball teams head coach?

mike candrea mike candrea

Are NFL head coaches salary guaranteed?

yes because if you are a head coach you have a base salary of a certain amount that you have to be paid

What is the salary of a Cfl coach?

Head Coaches earn 300,000 to 850,000

Who was the first African American Division 1 head football coach?

The first African American Division 1 head football coach was Willie Jeffries at Wichita State in 1979.

What is an average coach's salary for AFL?

There is a very small allowance of $100,000 to split however the head coach wants. Usually between the offensive coordinator, the defensive coordinator and the head coach. The head coach obviuosly receiving the most.

Salary for a ole miss head football coach?

2.5 mil ann.

Who is the was the youngest Division 1A football coach ever?

Pat Fitzgerald is the youngest person to ever become a head coach in NCAA Division 1-A history. He was just 31 when he became the head coach of the Northwestern Wildcats football team in 2006.

What is the salary for head coach Norv Turner of the San Diego Chargers?

Probaly not enough

Is the muskegon big reds good at football?

Uh i dont know where your from but they are beast.Class A State Football titles1920, 1921, 1923 - Head Coach J. Francis Jacks (1920-1924)1926, 1927, 1928, 1936, 1937, 1942, 1944 - Head Coach C. Leo Redmond (1925-1946)1951 (Associated Press and Detroit News) - Head Coach Harry Potter (1947-1956)1971 (Associated Press and Detroit Free Press) - Head Coach Larry Harp (1971-1979)MHSAA State Football titles1986 Class A - Head Coach Dave Taylor1989 Class A - Head Coach Dave Taylor2004 Division 2 - Head Coach Tony Annese2006 Division 2 - Head Coach Tony Annese2008 Division 2 - Head Coach Tony Annese

Who are the longest serving active coach in division 1 football?

The oldest coach in Division 1, is Head Football Coach at The University of Florida Atlantic. He is 77 years of age. Joe Paterno was the active oldests coach at 84, before retiring.

What was head coach Bill Cowher's salary in Pittsburgh?

Former Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowhers last contract with Pittsburgh was in the range of $4 million dollars per year.

What is the salary of an NFL head coach?

Depending on who you are. Super Bowl coaches get more than 0-16 coaches