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Q: What is the salary of a division 1 softball coach?
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What is the salary of a division 1 softball head coach?

what is the salary of a division 1 head softball coach

Who is the youngest head coach in division 1 softball?

The answer to "Who is the youngest head coach in division 1 softball" is Mary Wise. Mary Wise got hired at the age of 21.

Average salary of a Division 1 Basketball Coach?

not a dime back

What is the salary an NCAA Division 1 assistant basketball coach?


How many division 1 softball teams are there?

There are 346 NCAA Division 1 softball teams.

What division is Towson university softball?

They play NCAA Division 1 in the Colonial Athletic Association.

Is lehigh university a division one softball team?

Yes Lehigh is a division 1 school.

What is the salary of a football coach?

The average salary for an NFL coach is $2.5 million per year and the average salary of a college football coach recently topped $1 million per year.

What is the salary for a US Olympic coach?

1 dollar

What softball college has the most NCAA Division 1 championships?


What is agood time for running from homeplate after hitting a softball to homeplate in division 1 softball?

prolly about 3 seconds

What is the best softball team in college in 2004?

UCLA beat Cal 3-1 in the NCAA Division 1 Softball Championships in 2004

Which coach has the most football wins?

Eddie Robinson Coach John Gagliardi Division 3 has 471 Coach Eddie Robinson Division 2 has 408 Coach Bobby Bowden Division 1 (major college teams) has 377

What is coach stringer current salary?

1 million dollars

What is the division 1 softball overhand throw velocity average?

56 mph

What division 1 colleges have softball?

Here is the NCAA link to Div I Colleges that sponsor Women's Softball.

Who are the longest serving active coach in division 1 football?

The oldest coach in Division 1, is Head Football Coach at The University of Florida Atlantic. He is 77 years of age. Joe Paterno was the active oldests coach at 84, before retiring.

Who was the first African American Division 1 head football coach?

The first African American Division 1 head football coach was Willie Jeffries at Wichita State in 1979.

What coach has the most wins in NCAA division 1?

His name is _______ Knight

Who is the longest serving division 1 football coach?

Joe Paterno

How much does an NFL coach make?

1 or 2 million a year for salary.

What is the average salary of Division 1 football assistant coaches?


Division 1 basketball men's coach with the most wins?

bobby knight

What coach has won the most championships in the NCAA division 1?

Bear Bryant

What is the salary of the secret service uniform division?

Uniformed Division officers are generally hired at the LE-1 grade levels with a starting 2010 starting salary of $52,018.