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I heard $60 per game, not sure tho

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8===d o: <---- dancers


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Q: What is the salary of a Boston Celtics dancer?
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What is the current salary for the Boston Celtics?

At this moment it is $80,046,747

Who is the best dancer in the nba?

the best dancer is Shaquille O'neal in my opinion.

Where the Boston celtics always called Celtics?

The Celtics go by the nickname "Celts" and play in the city of Boston

What state is Boston Celtics from?

The Boston Celtics are from Massachusetts.

Where do the Boston Celtics play at?

The Boston Celtics play in the Eastern Conference.

Kevin garnett salary in 208?

hte Boston celtics cannot win without kg u suck Kobe

Why are the Boston Celtics called the Celtics?

It is likely that they were named the Celtics because of Boston's large Irish-American population.

Was peter maravich not a part of the Boston Celtics?

He was a part of the 1980 boston celtics

What basketball team's colors are green and white?

The Boston Celtics

Who is considered The LA Lakers Biggest rival?

The Boston Celtics

Is the Boston Celtics a city or a state?

Boston Celtics is the name of a professonal Basketball team in Boston, Massachusetts.

What is the Boston basketballteem?

Boston celtics