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1.5 to 2 million a year

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Q: What is the salary of NBA teams president?
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What is the salary cap for NBA teams?

$55.63 million for 2007-2008

How many teams are in the NBA presently?

30 NBA Teams

What is Number of basketball teams in the NBA?

As of 2005 there are 30 teams in the NBA. well the number one for Florida are Miami heats

How many NBA teams in 2011?

There are currently 30 NBA teams.

What is the salary of NBA executives?

There is no estimate given for the average salary of all NBA executives. The average annual salary for an NBA General Manager is $1.4 million.

What two organizations made up the NBA?

August 3, 1949-Six teams from the NBL join the BAA. the resulting 17 teams form the National Basketball Association(NBA) and name Maurice Podloff as President

How much do NBA teams make?

NBA teams make alot of millions.

How many professional basketball teams in NBA?

There are 40 NBA current teams.

How many NBA teams?

as of recent ones that play in the nba... 30 teams

How many draft in the NBA?

In the NBA draft there are 2 rounds, and each team gets one pick per round unless traded or forfeited for salary-cap issues. There are 30 teams, so there are 60 picks in the NBA draft.

What NBA teams don't have dancers?

None, all NBA teams have dancers, I believe

How many nba teams can you like?

You can like as many NBA teams as you want. There is no limit.