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Softball coaches make a min. 21,500 and a max. of 25,000

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Q: What is the salary for UCLA women's softball coach?
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How much does a UCLA softball coach make?


How much does UCLA softball coach make?


What team beat UCLA to win a berth in the NCAA womens softball super regional tournament?

University of Hawaii defeated UCLA and then LMU, which had eliminated UCLA, to win a berth in the NCAA womens softball super regional tournament. Therefore, the question as posed, is confusing, since it implies that by defeating UCLA, Hawaii advanced to the super regionals.

Is there any softball at UCLA?

There is a NCAA Division I team located at UCLA. They are called the Bruins.

3 Who is the head baseball coach at UCLA?

The current head coach for the UCLA baseball team is John Savage.

Which school has the most softball wcws appearances?


Who has the most softball titles?

UCLA has the most NCAA titles

Which girls softball team has won the most championships?

In NCAA Division I Softball, UCLA has the most championships.

What team did John Wooden coach?


What softball college has the most NCAA Division 1 championships?


Who has won 3 consecutive NCAA womens basketball championships?


Did wooden coach anywhere else other than ucla?

Yes, prior to coaching UCLA he spent two seasons as head coach at Indiana State.

What coach has the most national titles in college basketball?

John Wooden with 10 championships at UCLA. UCLA won another championship under coach Jim Harrick. With 11 championships UCLA has the most championships.

How many wins did UCLA basketball coach John Wooden have?

At UCLA Wooden won 665 games.

Who won the most championships as college head coach?

John Wooden UCLA Basketball coach

What is the best softball team in college in 2004?

UCLA beat Cal 3-1 in the NCAA Division 1 Softball Championships in 2004

Which college has the most total national championships in all sports mens and womens?


What is the name of the head football coach of UCLA?

Jim L. Mora.

What coach has won the most NCAA tournaments?

John Wooden (UCLA)

Who was the coach during the years 1967 - 1973 for ucla?

John Wooden, the "Wizard of Westwood"

What coach has won the most NCAA titles in mens basketball?

John Wooden from UCLA

Including all divisions what state has the most men and womens college sports titles?

i think it is ucla with 100

Who has the Most wins as football coach at UCLA?

That is Terry Donohue who was head coach at UCLA between 1976-1995 and compiled a record of 151-74-8. William Spaulding is next with a record of 72-51-8 from 1925-1938.

What basketball coach won the most ncaa titles?

John Wooden of UCLA won 10

What coach has won the most US college basketball championships?

John Wooden (all at UCLA)