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i think it is ucla with 100

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โˆ™ 2007-11-29 04:25:34
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Q: Including all divisions what state has the most men and womens college sports titles?
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What conference has the most total college titles in all sports?

USC---109 in all sports....

Which ncaa school has the most national championship titles in college sports?

Ucla (UCLA)

Achievements of manny pacquiao as a boxer?

world titles in 7 divisions. including 3 ring magazine titles, and one other linear title (according to another publication)

Boxers with most titles in different weight divisions?

manny pacquiao...who else.............

Who has the most college football national titles?

It depends on what you use for the selector. Major College/D1A/FBS teams have never had an official National Champion. (assuming you mean the before mentioned divisions). See the related link below.

How many national titles has Arkansas won in all sports?

5 national titles.

What team has the most titles in all sports?

The New York Yankees have the most titles with 27 world series titles

How many national titles has the university of florid won in all sports?

27 national titles

What are titles used for sports officials?

Depending on the sport, a few titles are referee, umpire and judge.

What college program has the most titles in all sports?

The answer to this question is tricky. There are several different 'titles' that have been won since universities began competing in sports. There are NCAA titles which go back several decades (sorry, I do not know the history of the NCAA, but they have a website: The NCAA gives out 'titles' to teams and to individuals. There have been other institutions before the NCAA that gave out 'titles' to universities. The only definitive answer that I know of, is based on NCAA team titles. UCLA has won 104 team titles with Stanford and USC in second and third with fifteen-to-twenty less team titles.

What US pro sports team has the most titles?

The U.S sports team that has the most titles is the NEW YORK YANKEES. They have 27 World Series championships.

What college has the most football titles?


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