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I think the revolution is. Actually it is the schutt ion 4d.

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Q: What is the safest football helmet on the market?
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What is the safest football helmate in the world?

The Riddell Revolution Football Helmet

What is the best football helmet on the market?

the new schutt ion 4d or the ridell revolution the best football helmet is the xenith x1 check it out at

What is the most expensive football helmet on the market?

i think its the Riddell Revolution IQ HITS helmet it measures the amount of "hits" you take $999

Who invented the football helmet?

James naismith invented the football helmet

What is the best football helmet for reducing concussions?

There is no such thing. A football helmet is a football helmet just different style , names, and comfort

Where can I find motorcycle helmet safety reviews?

The safest helmet is usually the most expensive helmet. I would check at your local motorcycle dealer and see what helmets they have to offer. Ask which one is the safest and check out the reviews on them as well.

What is a football helmet made of?

A football helmet is a molded shell of polycarbonate plastic. Click on the 'Football Helmet Design and Manufacture' link on this page to learn how football helmets are made.

What is the best football helmet?

Steven Gerads helmet

Is Adams a good football helmet?

In today's world of football no it is not a good football helmet. Your better off with a concussion Prevention helmet like a xenith or DNA or riddell.

What are the exact dimensions of a pro football helmet?

A football helmet is one of the most important pieces of equipment for football players of any ages. The exact dimensions of a pro football helmet are not made public.

Can you hit helmet to helmet football?

no it will be a 15-yard penalty

Should football helmet tackles be disallowed?

Helmet-To-Helmet are not allowed. If that's what you were asking.

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