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Depending on the sport, the batter cannot be caught out, the ball remains in play, the ball must be hit before touching the ground again or the ball remains in play until it stops of its own accord.

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Q: What is the ruling of a hit ball after it bounces off the ground?
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What is a volley in tennis?

A volley in tennis is a shot that is hit before the ball bounces on the ground.

Pitched ball hits ground then batter?

If the ball hits the ground in play then it hits the batter it is call a hit by pitch and the batter will take first base ... You can also hit the ball as it bounces off the ground ...

Pitcher throws ball and ball hits ground first bounces up and batter hits it. is this a hit?

No. You fool.

What is the ruling if a pitched ball bounces before it hits the batter in softball?

If it hit the batter the batter gets first and it's scored as a hit by pitch.

What is the ruling when a pitch ball hits the ground first then is hit by the batter?


What is the baseball hit into the stads a fair or foul ball?

It can be either. If the ball is hit into the air and is in foul territory at any time, it counts as a foul ball if it goes into the stands. If the ball is in the air and is in fair territory when it goes into the stands, it's a home run. If the ball is in fair territory and hits the ground, then bounces into the stands in fair territory, it's a ground rule double. If the ball bounces in fair territory but then bounces into the stands in foul territory past the infield, it's also a ground rule double. If the ball bounces in fair territory, but then bounces into the stands before it passes 1st or 3rd base, it's a foul ball.

In slow pitch softball can you hit a pitch that bounces on the plate first?

Back about 8 yrs ago when I was an ASA umpire, the ruling was that the ball was dead if it hit the plate.

Can you hit a tennis ball that is not on your side?

Yes and no. You cannot usually hit a tennis ball that is not on your side, but if the ball bounces on your side first and, when it bounces, spins back to the opponent's side of the court, you may hit it before it bounces again.

Who hit a grounder over the wall for a home run?

A groundball cannot be hit for a home run. If a ball is hit on the ground and bounces over the wall, it's called a ground-rule double

What is golf stroke when you hit the ground before the ball?

A chunk, or people may say you caught it fat, or if it bounces off the ground then the club hits the ball it is known as a drop kick.

If a batter hit the ball and bounces off the home plate and the catcher catches it without touching the ground is it an out?

No, as soon as the batter is hit by the ball, the play is considered dead and the batter gets his base.

In racquet ball how can you tell if the ball hit the floor or ground first?

The ball usually hits them both at approximately the same time. If you are having difficulty telling if the ball hit the front wall or the floor/ground first, you can usually tell by the angle of deflection off the front wall. If the ball bounces up, it more than likely hit the ground first. If the ball bounces straight out, it usually means it hit the wall first. At higher speeds though, it becomes more difficult to tell but most people who can hit it fast enough to have this problem can tell by how they hit it if it was good or not. If it is a point of contention, just play the point over.