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A player can not call an out, so play continues.

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Q: What is the ruling if a player calls an out and play stops?
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What happens when your team catches your punt?

The play stops where the player caught the ball, and the other team starts from there.

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What is the ruling of a hit ball after it bounces off the ground?

Depending on the sport, the batter cannot be caught out, the ball remains in play, the ball must be hit before touching the ground again or the ball remains in play until it stops of its own accord.

If one player calls for a fair catch on a punt can another player on the same team catch and return the punt?

No..Only if the punt is dropped can the play continue.

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The referee stops play because a player was in touch What did the referee spot?

Assuming the player in touch caused the reason for stoppage (not some other player on the pitch) then it had to have been some form of misconduct. A foul cannot happen off the field of play. The referee would not stop play merely because a player left the field as long as he did it in the normal course of play.

If a player has left the field of play but did not touch home plate can he be tagged out or does the other team have to appeal?

The fielder tags homeplate and askes the umpire for a ruling

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In the NFL, yes. If the QB, or any player, drops to a knee purposely the play is whistled dead.

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