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Its a 5 point mercy rule

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Q: What is the rule in ASA fast pitch softball 12u for run limit per half inning?
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How fast do girls pitch in softball fast pitch?

Usually about 60-75 mph.

What size softball is used for men's fast pitch softball?

12 inch.

In fast pitch softball how long can a pitcher pitch?

4 innings.

How many teams are in fastpitch softball?

10 teams are in fast pitch softball.

Why is slow pitch softball preferred over fast pitch softball?

The ball goes slower and there is more offense in the game.

When was fast pitch softball created?

943 B.C.

Who started Fast Pitch softball?

George Hancock

Is fast pitch softball hard?

Depends how good you are (;

What is the meaning of underarm throw in softball?

An underarm throw in softball is basically a pitch. If you watch a fast pitch softball team, you will see that the pitcher pitches underhand.

If you get hit with a pitch in fast pitch softball do you get a free base?

Yes, if you are the batter.

Can you use a fast pitch softball bat at the coach pitch level?


Can a male become a fast-pitch softball pitcher?

Yes there many cties that have teams and leauges that have fast -ball in softball, for men