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Rugby League salary cap is a game. This game was first introduced in the year 1990.

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Q: What is the rugby league salary cap?
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What year did the rugby league salary cap begin?

Salary cap was inducted with the beginning of superleague, so 1996

What is the Rugby League salary cap for 2010?

depends who, and what club but the average salary is 80,000, not much as all.

Does the rugby league salary cap include coaches salaries?

No, just to players wages.

Which rugby league club in Australia has hefty penalties for salary cap rorting?

the Melbourne storm

Which rugby league team were minor premiers in the 2007 National Rugby League premiership?

Melbourne Storm were the Minor premiers. But the minor premiership was withdrawn from them after they were accused of issues with there salary cap.

What is the history behind the salary cap in the Major League Baseball?

What is the history behind the salary cap in the MLB?

What is a rugby league players salary?

A Rugby Union players gets much more than Rugby League players. Rugby League players get between (in average) 80,000k-120,000k. The highest paid rugby league player earns 500,000k a year.

Is there a salary cap in Major League Baseball?


Does the a-league have a salary cap?

Only in year 3042

Is there a salary cap in major league lacrosse?


How much does a rugby player get paid for playing rugby?

A hard question, that depends on where they play and which country they choose to play club level in. Dan carter for instance was paid £500,000 ($1 million) for 6 months at Perpignan. But an average salary in the Guiness Premiership is about £60,000 (Because of the salary cap British clubs have) while French clubs are at the moment paying much higher salaries for Rugby superstars because the French league has no salary cap.

What is a Rugby league players pay?

Rugby League players in Australia get paid very low. Their average yearly income is about 200 thousand. If you compare Rugby League to other sports such as, AFL, NFL, major league and NBA, Rugby League is like a welfare payment. Rugby League is the toughest sport. It's fast and rought. Countries that are developing Rugby League such as Amercia and Lebanon, their players don't get paid at all. NRL (National Rugby League) which is running in Australia, has a salary cap. That's the reason why, Rugby League players are so under-paid. The highest paid rugby league player in Australia is about 500k for 3 years. Super League in England is better than NRL, at least their payment are double then the ones in NRL.

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