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He times the game and tells the ref when it is Time to stop/end

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Q: What is the role of the time keeper in basketball?
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What does a time keeper do in basketball?

Keeps the time

What is the role of the time keeper?

to keep tiime

What are the important roles and responsibilities of officials in basketball?

the time keeper

What is the role of an official scorer keeper in basketball?

They Keep the score throughout the game's duration. Check yo'self.

What is the role of a time keeper?

It keeps the time so that, no one will sees it....

What are the duties of time keeper in basketball?

Timekeeper an official appointed to time regulate , and record the duration of a sports contest or its components parts , as to give the official time of an announce to basketball teams the amount of time left to play .

In basketball what does the time keeper do?

he keeps track of time and says when to stop the game at the end of each quarter he also stops time when there is a foul or something.

When does the game clock time keeper stop the clock in basketball?

there are 4 quarters and each go for 15 mins each

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