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The role of the goalie is to prevent the soccer ball from going inot the net and stoping the other team from getting a point The goalkeeper is the last line of defense for his team. He plays in front of the goal, and many game situations can end up in his hands (or not) quite literally. He is permitted by the laws of the game to use his hands and arms to play the ball (with a few exceptions), and because of that he can catch a ball to control it, punch it away or put a glove on it to deflect it just enough to cause it to go over the bar or wide of a post. The keeper is also uniquely positioned to see a lot of things about the flow of play and can provide a form of coaching or leadership from his defensive spot. A good keeper who is "plugged into" his team's style of play will do some directing of play and of players. Lastly, there are those very rare occasions when the goalkeeper will actually leave his spot and come out of the box to play up field when his team is desperate for a score in the final minutes.

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Q: What is the role of the goalie in soccer?
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