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The announcer will give you a clear understanding of what is going on in the game/event.

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How do you say sports announcer in spanish?

Locutor deportivo is the translation of sports announcer to Spanish.

Who is a longtime CBS sports announcer?

Jim Nantz is a long time CBS sports announcer.

Who is the most popular sports announcer in the US?

I believe Al Michaels is the most popular sports announcer

When was John McDonald - sports announcer - born?

John McDonald - sports announcer - was born in 1960.

Was judge ford a sports announcer?

no she was a judge

What are some careers related to sports?

coach or you could be an announcer or even a sports analyst.

Which president was once a sports announcer?

Ronald Reagan

Who is Harry Karry?

Harry Caray was a sports announcer.

What does a sports announcer earn?

$100 per game

Who was the first black sports announcer?

Leinart Mckouskie

What are the duties of a sports announcer?

To announce sports. where to be held , and also the time. informations about the sport to be held.

Who is a female sports announcer?

Krista Voda announces for NASCAR:)

Was Ronald Reagan a sports announcer in Des Moines?

Yes, he was

What is the daily work for a sports announcer?

Getin it on with Lauren k

Is sports announcer Don Orsillo still married?


Where did Ronald Reagan work as a sports announcer?

The Grange School

What is an angels role?

An angels role is messenger, announcer, guard, and a helper in time of need.

Who is currently the oldest sports announcer?

Ralph Kiner? (currently 88)

Is jody applegate married?

Yes, to sports announcer Michael Kay

What does a sports anouncer do?

announcer the plays/game, players statistics etc...

What is the name of the former Patriot who will be an NBC sports announcer this year?


How old is Nancy Newman sports announcer?

80 years old

What jobs did Ronald Reagen have?

He was a radio sports announcer,Actor,and presedent

Who were the New York Jets founded by?

Sports announcer Harry Wismer.

Which US President was a sports announcer?

President Ronald Reagan was a radio sport announcer and actor before becoming president. He was an announcer for Chicago Cubs baseball games in Des Moines in the 1930s.