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Muay Thai is an extremely dangerous sport, although, ring fatalities are very rare, at least, from what is shared with the general public. A Muay Thai match in Thailand is such a bloody spectacle, that footage of the fights is outlawed in many countries, including the United States. It goes without saying; 1) You can get your temples broken by an elbow or knee to the head, or worse, Muay Thai's vicious hits-hard-as-a-major-league-homerunner's-Baseball-bat roundhouse. If a Muay Thai roundhouse lands cleanly on the temple, with all its power, and in Many Muay Thai matches it does, it results in death. Because of its seedy nature in Thailand, you will not likely see the REAL statistics regarding ring fatalities. 2) You can get your ribs broken. 3) Or, knees destroyed. Death, brain damage that won't let you walk or talk straight, broken ribs, and the inability to play sports ever again, are the dangers of Muay Thai as it is practiced in Thailand. However the actual training is quite safe; if you avoid the "hardcore" competition, you'll be fine.

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Q: What is the risk of taking muay thai?
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