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Q: What is the result when a player reaches across the boundary line and dislodges the ball?
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Has the boundary rope always been in cricket?

No, it used to the boundary was actually the boundary of the grass, however it was felt for player safety to introduce a rope boundary in from the true boundary to help prevent injuries.

What is it called when player reaches a base after bunt hit?

A single.

Is a player out if she is touched before she reaches home on a home run?

no she isn't

Is there such thing as a double play in cricket?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANSWER: Yes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

When can you retired from being a soccer player?

Once a player reaches about 35-38 they consider retirement. Goalkeepers tend to go on slightly longer.

Can a player in AFL football kick a goal at any time from the boundary line?

Yes. Once an umpire has called play to continue or has not blown his whistle to stop play, any player on the field can kick a goal from inside the boundary line at any time; there are no formal restrictions on who, when, where, or how as long as the ball is considered to be within the field of play. Even when a player is awarded a free kick due to an opposition player kicking the ball out of play on the full, the player taking the free kick is quite at liberty to kick a goal directly from that boundary line free kick.

If a player deliberately dislodges an opponent's helmet during play in an ice hockey game is that player ejected from the game?

It depends on the severety and how the helmet was knocked off. If someone punches a helmet off, they may not even get a penalty (depending on the situation). If they use their stick, they'll be suspended for several games (maybe the entire season if it causes injury).

If a player is not out at 98 and the team requires 1 run to win the batsman on 98 hit a boundary and before the ball reach the boundary they completed 1 run now the batsman scores a century or not?

Would be given a boundary and score added up. It would be considered Century for the batsman.

Block in volley ball?

when a player goes up against a player on the opposite team and reaches their hands over the net to stop the volleyball from coming over

Can you tag a player with a ball in dodgeball?

From research there is no rule stating that you can't tag a player with a ball and they will be out. Although... there is a rule stating if you cross your boundary lines you are out. If you can tag a player without crossing the line they should be out.

Is it possible to reach base only once but get caught stealing twice?

No. Before a player can get caught stealing the player must first reach base. So if a player reaches base once, a player can be caught stealing only once.

When and where did baseball player Charlie Abbey play?

Charlie Abbey debuted on August 16, 1893, playing for the Washington Senators at Boundary Field; he played his final game on August 19, 1897, playing for the Washington Senators at Boundary Field.