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117 points; Long Island 179, Medgar Evers 62Nov. 26, 1997: LIU used nonstop defensive pressure to destroy its Division III Brooklyn neighbor for the biggest margin of victory in D-I history. The Blackbirds had 39 steals and forced 60 turnovers -- or one turnover every 40 seconds. Yikes. LIU coach Ray Haskins expressed regret over the margin of victory several days later: "It wasn't by design, and what made it difficult was our style of play. I'm not proud of this, because to me, it's like a prize fighter beating up his little brother." Medgar Evers was very fortunate that LIU didn't have a boxing team. Getting knocked out hurts more than getting dunked on.
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There were two 75 points blowouts in the NBA playoffs, which is the largest defeat ever in the postseason.

The most recent occurred during the 2009 NBA playoffs when the Denver Nuggets defeated the New Orleans Hornets 121-63.

The first occurrence happened during the 1956 NBA playoffs when the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Atlanta Hawks 133-75.

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Many number 1 teams have been beaten. What do you mean by worst loss?

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wisconson 83 indanna 20

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Q: What is the regular season worst loss by a number one ranked team in ncaa basketball?
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