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4-2 nc

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Q: What is the record of head to head games between Syracuse basketball and North Carolina basketball?
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What is the all time record between unc vs Syracuse in basketball?

UNC 4 Syracuse 3

What is the all time basketball record between UK and Syracuse?

Kentucky leads 8-3

What was Syracuse university's basketball record in 1985?


What is the single game attendance record for college basketball?

syracuse vs nova 2012 34,161

What is North Carolina's basketball head to head record vs ucla?

head to head record duke vs carolina

Which arena holds the non tournament college basketball attendance record?

i believe Syracuse just set a record crowd at 34,000 plus...

What is the all-time win-loss record of the North Carolina Men's Basketball team?

North Carolina 128-97 against Duke in Men's Basketball.

What is North Carolina's mens basketball record in the 2006-2007 season?

31 and 7

What was North Carolina's men's basketball record in the 2007-2008 season?

34 and 3

Who is better in basketball North Carolina or Duke?

In 2017, North Carolina has a better record than Duke. North Carolina is 14 - 4. Duke is 11 - 7.

West Virginia's basketball all time series record against North Carolina?


What is the college with the most NCAA basketball titles?

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill