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I thinks it is 4.5 by Jared Allen when they played the packers in 2009

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Q: What is the record for total sacks in a single game by the vikings?
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Which current NFL player has the most sacks?

Current record is 200.0 sacks by Bruce Smith, Buffalo, 1985-1999; Washington, 2000-03 David ``Deacon`` Jones has the unofficial record, he kept all of his sacks written down in a book he kept and had a total of I think 226.5 sacks

Who was the first player in history to record 200 sacks in their career?

Bruce Smith of the Buffalo Bills was the first (and only) player to officall record 200 sacks.It should be noted that the Sack, as a stat, was only officially recognized and tracked since 1982. So there are a lot of players, such as Reggie White (officially he has 198 total sacks), who may have had more than 200 sacks in their careers.

How many sacks did Jack Lambert have in his career?

In 1982 sacks became an official NFL stat. Jack Lambert had fours sacks in 1982 and 1983 for a total of eight. Unofficially, he is credited with 23.5 total career sacks.

Who will win the vikings vs packers?

Vikings beat packers twice!!!!!!

What is the Minnesota Vikings franchise record?

The Vikings franchise record is 362 wins, 290 losses, and 9 ties.

Who lead the 2006 Gators in total sacks?

Derrick Harvey

Are sacks factored into passing yards in the nfl?

For team passing yards, yes ... for individual passing yards, no. A team's total passing yards is the total of individual passing yards minus yards lost from sacks. Sacks are not considered when calculating individual passing yards.

What was the total Sacks for 1979 Atlanta Falcons?

I don't think sacks were an official stat catergory in 1979, so it may be difficult to find numbers on that.

Who holds the NFL record for total yards in a single game?

Adrian Peterson 296 yards 2007

What is a sack in the NFL?

In the 2007 NFL season, there were 1102 total sacks so the average team was sacked 2.2 times per game (34.4 times per season). In 2006, there were 1164 sacks averaging out to 2.3 sacks per game per team (36.4 sacks per season) and in 2005, there were 1182 sacks averaging out to 2.3 sacks per team per game (36.9 sacks per season).

What packer player ranks 3rd all-time for sacks in Packer history?

Kevin Green currently holds the number three spot on most sacks in Packers History. He has 160 total sacks and was the outside linebackers coach until his retirement in 2014.

What is the record for total sacks in a single game in NFL history?

As of the start of the 2008 season, the most sacks in an NFL game by a team is 12 and has been done 4 times: 1) Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh in 1966 2) St. Louis Cardinals vs Baltimore in 1980 3) Chicago Bears vs Detroit in 1984 4) Dallas Cowboys vs Houston in 1985 The most sacks in a game by an individual player is 7 by Derrick Thomas of the Kansas City Chiefs vs Seattle in 1990.