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In 1914 Dutch Leonard had a 0.96 ERA

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Q: What is the record for the lowest era by a major league pitcher in a season?
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What Astros pitcher holds the club record for lowest ERA in a season?

The club record is 1.69 accomplished by Nolan Ryan in the 1981 season.

What New York Yankees pitcher carries lowest era?

Season record would be Spud Chandler

What major league pitcher hold the record for most strikeouts in a season?

Nolan Ryan with 383 (modern record - in the 1800s teams only had one pitcher and some of those guys had 500+ strikeouts per season)

Who holds the Major League Baseball record for most loses by a pitcher in a season?

John Coleman 48 in 1883

How do you know what a MLB pitcher's record is?

a pitcher's record for the season is his wins, then losses for example, if a pitcher won 15 games and lost 10, then his record would be 15-10

Who holds the record for the lowest pass interception record for a single season?

Bernie Kosar

What major league baseball pitcher holds the record for most relief appearances in a single season?

Mike Marshall of the Los Angeles Dodgers with 106 in 1974.Through the 2009 season, Marshall is the only pitcher in MLB history to have pitched in 100+ games in a season.

Who holds the American League record for shutouts in one season by a left-handed pitcher?

== == Ed Morris had 12 in 1886, which is the AA record for Lefthanders Sandy Koufax had 11 in 1963, which is the NL record for Lefthanders The American League record for shutouts in a season by a southpaw is 9 and held by Ron Guidry of the Yankees (1978) and Babe Ruth of the Red Sox (1916).

Who holds the American League record for RBIs in a single season?

Lou Gehrig holds the American League single season record for RBIs with 184 in 1931.

What major league pitcher holds the record for most rbi in a season?

I don't know the answer to this question. But, in 1919, Babe Ruth led the league in RBI with 114 while still winning nine games as a pitcher and pitching 133.1 innings. That is quite a feat.

Who was the last pitcher with 25 or more wins in a season?

Bob Welch of the Oakland Athletics was the last pitcher to win 25 or more games in a season. In 1990, Bob Welch won the American League Cy Young Award with a 27-6 record.

What is the lowest amount of goals scored in the premier league in any season?

Derby County have scored the fewest amount of goals in the Premiership. This record was set in the 2007 - 2008 season, having scored only 20 goals in the season.

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