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In MLB, Jim Tobin of the Boston Braves hit 3 consecutive home runs in a game against the Chicago Cubs on May 13, 1942. The home runs came in the 5th, 7th, and 8th innings.

Guy Hecker of the 1886 Louisville Colonels in the American Association also hit three home runs in a game but they weren't in consecutive at bats. All three were inside-the-park homers.

Tobin and Hecker are the only two pitchers to hit three home runs in one game.

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2010-11-26 18:26:15
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Q: What is the record for hitting consecutive home runs in a game by a pitcher?
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What pitcher holds the record for hitting consecutive home runs in a game?

nolan Ryan

Which player holds the MLB record for longest consecutive-game hitting streak in a season?

Joe DiMaggio with 56.

What is the record in MLB for a pitcher throwing consecutive strikes to start a game?

Bartolommeo Colon threw 38 consecutive strikes on April 18, 2012.

What is the mets consecutive complete games record?

David Cone is the only Mets pitcher to pitch 3 consecutive complete game victories. Mike Pelfrey threw 2 in 2008

What is the pitcher of record?

The pitcher of record is the pitcher who will gain the win or loss when the game ends.

What MLB team holds record for consecutive innings without a hit?

Any team that had an opposing pitcher throw a perfect game or no hitter

Which New York Yankee holds the record for having a hit streak of 56 consecutive games?

In 1941, Joe DiMaggio had a 56 game hitting streak, a record that still stands today.

What franchise record did Moises Alou break in the 2007 season?

Alou tied Hubie Brooks for the Mets' longest consecutive game hitting streak at 30 games.

What is the longest consecutive game hitting streak in MLB history?

Lou gareig

What pitcher holds the record for most consecutive strikeouts?

Pitching great Tom Seaver holds the record for the most consecutive strikeouts in Major League Baseball history. In 1970 he struck out 10 straight batters in a game his Mets played against the Padres.

What determines a complete game for a MLB Pitcher?

His team has to record 27 outs while he was the pitcher of record.

Who is the player witht the most consecutive games with a base hit?

In MLB, the record is held by Joe DiMaggio of the New York Yankees who had a base hit in 56 consecutive games in 1941. In the minor leagues, the record is 69 by Joe Wilhoit in 1919. Ironically, Joe DiMaggio has the second longest consecutive game hitting streak in minor league history with 61 in 1933.

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