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Q: What is the record between Ole Miss and notre dame in football?
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Where did Ole Miss and notre dame play football in 1985?

South Bend on November 9 ... Notre Dame defeated Ole Miss 37-14.

What is Southern Miss's football record versus mississippi state?

I think it is Southern miss 16-14-1

What is the record of ole miss vs Florida in football?

ole miss 15 florida 11

What is the series record between southern miss vs lsu football?

Through the 2008 season, Southern Mississippi and LSU have met twice in football with each team winning once: 1) 1951 - LSU 13, Southern Miss 0 2) 1994 - Southern Miss 20, LSU 18

Who won the 1971 football game between southern miss and Ole Miss?

Ole Miss...20 - 6

What is Ole Miss overall football record?

2012 Wins- 3 Losses- 2 (3-2)

What sec football team has Notre Dame played the most?

Actually it is not Auburn.... The correct answer is TennesseeAlabama Tennessee-91Alabama-Auburn-74Alabama-LSU-73Alabama-Ole Miss-56

What is the all time record of the University of Southern Mississippi vs Ole Miss in NCAA football?

The all time record of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles and the Ole Miss Rebels is 18-6, Ole Miss' favor. However, the two teams have not played since the 1984 season when Southern Miss won 13-10.

How many times has Notre Dame played Ole Miss?

As of 2009, Notre Dame and Ole Miss have played twice, in 1977 and in 1985. The first game was won by Ole Miss, 20-13 (the only game that Notre Dame lost that season), and the second was won by Notre Dame, 37-14. Source:

Who won the last football game between southern miss and ms state?

your mother

What was the score of the 1984 football game between Southern Miss and Ole Miss?

October 20, 1984 - Southern Mississippi 13, Mississippi 10.

When was Ole Miss Rebels football created?

Ole Miss Rebels football was created in 1890.