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nando or El nino

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el nino

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Q: What is the real name of Fernando Torres?
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What is Fernando Torres sons real name?

Fernando Torres' full real name is Fernando José Torres Sanz

What is Fernando Torres facebook name?

Fernando Torres...

What is the birth name of Luis Fernando Torres?

Luis Fernando Torres's birth name is Luis Fernando Madriz Torres.

What is Fernando Torres' middle name?

Fernando Torres middle name is Jose His full name is Fernando Jose Torres Sanz, so practcally he has 2 middle name's Torres and Jose!

What is Fernando Torres FULL name?

Fernando Jose Torres Sanz

What is Fernando Torres sisthers name?

adriane Torres

What is Fernando Torres' dads name?

José Torres.

What is Fernando Torres brother name?

israel Torres

What does Fernando Torres proper name?

It is Jose Torres.

What is the name of Fernando Torres's second child?

Leo Torres

What is Fernando terres full name?

Fernando Jose Torres

Does Fernando Torres play for real Madrid?

No but he did when he was younger