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No but he did when he was younger

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Q: Does Fernando Torres play for real Madrid?
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Did Torres ever played at real Madrid as child?

No Fernando Torres never played for Real Madrid . He played for Athletico Madrid.

What team does Fernando Torres support?

He Supports Real Madrid as He Was Born There.

Why f Torres doesn't want to play for real Madrid?

Athletico Madrid is the favourite club of Torres. So, Ath Madrid is local rival of real. That's why Torres doesn't want to play for real

How many times has Fernando Torres played against Real Madrid?


Did Fernando Torres ever score against Real Madrid?

Yes, Fernando Torres did score against Real Madrid, with his last goal being on 24/2/2007 when the match finished in a 1-1 draw.

What is Fernando Torres sons real name?

Fernando Torres' full real name is Fernando José Torres Sanz

Who play soccer in Spain that is famous?

Okay, as a wolrd cup team, which are ppl native to Spain are David Villa, Fernando Torres. BUt for club teams i guess you could say, such as Barcelona def. Messi and Real Madrid Ronoaldo

Do real Madrid play at midnight?

No Real Madrid do not play at night , more in the noon.

What is the real name of Fernando Torres?

nando or El nino

Is Torres going to move to real Madrid?

It would be unlikely. Torres was the captain of Real's hated rivals Atletico Madrid. The rivalry has never seen a high-profile Spanish player move between the two clubs.

Which country does Real Madrid play in?

Real Madrid play in Spain where Madrid is the capital.

Can Real Madrid play in the same division with Real Madrid B?