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Just a little short of 1:5

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Q: What is the ratio between an 11 tooth sprocket and a 53 tooth sprocket?
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How do you work out final gear ratio of motorcycle with 14 tooth crankshaft to 59 tooth gear box with 11 tooth front and 47 rear sprocket?

The 14 tooth crank gear mated to the gearbox 59 tooth gear gives a ratio of 4.21:1 which is found by 59/14. Front sprocket 11 & rear sprocket 47 gives a ratio of 4.27:1 ie 47/11. Overall ratio is found by multiplying the two ratios together 4.21*4.27=17.97:1 NOTE - The 14 & 59 tooth gears will be the primary gear reduction in a motorbike, this does not include the actual gearbox ratios which will need to be taken into account for the overall final ratio.

What kind of sprocket do you want for a small bicycle chain?

well if you have a 8 tooth rear driver you will need a 23t sprocket, if u have a 9 tooth rear driver you will need a 25t sprocket, if u have a 10 tooth rear driver you will need a 28t sprocket, and if you have a 11 tooth rear driver you will need a 30t sprocket

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Can How do you make a razor e300 faster?

You can change the motor from the stock 24v-250 watt motor to a 24v-350 watt motor with a 150 more RPM's and more torque, than change out the front sprocket from the stock 11 tooth to a 13 or 15 tooth that will get you up to 19 to 22 mph depending on your weight. The motor will run you any where from $35 to $55 and the sprocket runs $6 to $15, there a cheap way to get some speed out of you E300-E325

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How do you fix the timing chain 91caprice?

Fig. 11 Valve Timing MarksRemove engine front cover as outlined previously.Remove crankshaft oil slinger.Crank engine until timing marks on sprockets are in alignment, Fig. 11.Remove three camshaft to sprocket bolts.Remove camshaft sprocket and timing chain together. Sprocket is a light press fit on camshaft for approximately 1/8 inch. If sprocket does not come off easily, a light blow with a plastic hammer on the lower edge of the sprocket should dislodge it.If crankshaft sprocket is to be replaced, remove it with a suitable gear puller. Install new sprocket, aligning key and keyway.Install chain on camshaft sprocket. Hold sprocket vertical with chain hanging below and shift around to align the timing marks on sprockets.Align dowel in camshaft with dowel hole in sprocket and install sprocket on camshaft. Do not attempt to drive sprocket on camshaft as welch plug at rear of engine can be dislodged.Draw sprocket onto camshaft, using the three mounting bolts. Tighten to specifications.Lubricate timing chain with engine oil and install cover.

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