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Q: What is the rarest 100 club match attack?
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How many hundred club cards are there in Match Attex 2009 2010?

There are 4 Match Attax Hundred Club cards: Edwin van der Sar (100 Defence | 6 Attack) John Terry (100 Defence | 40 Attack) Steven Gerrard (95 Defence | 100 Attack) Fernando Torres (101 Defence | 101 Attack)

Match attacks cards and 100 club?

matchattack cards are football cards that people collect and 100 clubs are a type of matchattack card were the attack or defence equels 100 or 101

How much is bobby Moore 100 club Match Attex worth?

What do you mean? do you mean in raking or money well he is the best defender in match attax that is not a messi or Pele hundred club with 101 defense and 101 attack i don't know how mutch to buy it for but i hope i helped

What is the most rare Match Attex world cup card?

Lionel messi 100 club and Pele 100 club

Who is the Match Attex extra 100 club?

The Extra Match Attax hundred club is Edwin Van Der Sar Goalkeeper for Manchester United. His attack rating is 5, and his defence rating is 100... My friend found him when he bought 100 packs just to give him a better chance at getting a 100 club... Good Luck for finding him...

What is the best card you can get in Match Attex 2010?

Wayne Rooney 100 club

How many Lionel Messi 100 club Match Attex are there in the world?


How do you get Match Attex 100 club?

you get them on eBayby the way i am called kas Dantoni go to someries junior school

What is the rarest bonsai tree?

100 million Yen or about 1.2 million US Dollars.

How many Match Attex are there in the new series?

They are 535 including limited edition,100 club,showboats,MOTH,managers,star player,star signing,normal and badges.

What is the most rarest thing on moshi monsters?

Iggy has a rare value of 100, which is the highest at the moment

When did India played its 100 test match?

India is no match for Fiji!!