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Play better Golf by practising more.

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Q: What is the quickest and easiest way to reduce your golf handicap?
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What is Justin Bieber's golf handicap?

He has a handicap?

Which sport associated with the term handicap?

A handicap is assiciated with golf

How is your golf handicap applied by hole?

You get a shot on the holes as determined by the stroke index or handicap as set on the score card. So if your handicap is 9, you get one shot on each of the holes ranked 1-9 on the stroke index or handicap index. Using your handicap, you get a shot on the hardest holes 1 being the hardest and 18 being the easiest.

What is abbreviation of handicap in golf?

They use the abbreviation "HCP" in golf.

What is a golf index?

A golf index is the same thing as a golf handicap - it measures a golfer's ability.

What can the highest male golf handicap be?


What is is steven Gerrard golf handicap?

36 ;)

What is Alice Cooper's golf handicap?


What is Neil Young's golf handicap?


What is michael jordan's golf handicap?


What was Bob Hope's golf handicap?


What is a plus golf handicap?

This is where someones handicap is less than 0. When you have your gross score you actually add your handicap on to calculate your nett score.

A plus handicap or a minus handicap which one is better in golf?

A plus handicap is fantastic, it means that the player is regularly shooting under par.

What is the best golf ball for a high handicap player?

the titleist velocity golf ball

What is net golf?

Net golf is the use of a players handicap when adding up the score.

What is tiger's handicap?

Professional golf does not use handicaps.

In the movie Ray what golf handicap does Ray have?


Handicap limit for tri am golf tournament?


How long does a golf handicap last?

2 years

What is the average mens golf handicap in the world?


Can a player of golf adjust their own handicap?


What is a better golf handicap 50 or 60?


How do you determine your handicap in golf?

The handicap can not go lower than 0 or "scratch" and does not go over a certain piont. You determine your handicap by however many over you are. If you were +5 your handicap would be 5.

Should you have the same golf handicap after 20 years?

No you won't. Moreover, your handicap will increase if you practice or play regularly.

What is the name for someone who doesn't need a handicap when playing golf?

The only type of golfer who does not have a handicap is called a professional.