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There are three purposes.

It defines the area where the defending goal keeper may handle the ball.

It defines an area where a defensive direct free kick foul gets promoted to a penalty kick.

It partly defines the area where non-kicking players must be outside of during the taking of a penalty kick.

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The penalty area serves three purposes. First, it delineates the area within which a penalty kick is awarded if the defense commits a penal foul. Second, it outlines the area wherein a goalkeeper may usually handle the ball. It also represents the area that the ball must exit before being in play from a goal kick or any defensive free kick starting within the area.

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Q: What is the purpose of the penalty Area on a soccer field?
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What are the lines that mark a soccer field called?

The lines that mark a soccer field are touch lines, goal lines, the halfway line, the center circle, corner arcs, goal area lines, penalty area lines, and penalty arcs.

Is it good if a football goes into the penalty area?

NO because then its the others team kick. however some soccer teams go in the penalty area on purpose to complete there plan.

What is the total width in yards of the penalty area of a regulation field for soccer 09?

44 yards is the total width.

What is a goal box in soccer?

The penalty area.

Where is the penalty area?

They are on the sides of the field.

Official size of a soccer field?

what is the perimeter and area of a soccer field

What is the dimensions of the penalty box arc on a soccer field?

It is an arc, with a radius of 10 yards, centered on the penalty mark. It is drawn outside of the penalty area only and it's endpoints are on the top edge of the penalty area, 18 yards out from the goal line. It's maximum perpendicular distance from the top edge of the penalty area is 4 yards.

Are there penalties in soccer?

There are penalty kicks in soccer. A penalty kick is awarded when a defender commits a direct free kick offense while within his own penalty area.

How big is bigger box on Soccer field?

The penalty area extends 18 yards to either side of the goal, and 18 yards to the front of it.

What is the small circle in front of gole in soccer field?

That is the penalty arc. Its center is the penalty mark and has a radius of 10 yards. During a penalty kick, all non-kicking players must be outside of the penalty area and also the penalty arc at the moment of the kick.

What is the penalty area of soccer?

10 to 13 steps from the goal.

How big is the soccer penalty box?

The penalty area is 18 yards deep and 44 yards wide.

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