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If the ball is up high, it is too dangerous to use the feet. You may kick someone in the face in your haste to get the ball. The head is useful in that situation. It may also be used to provide extra power to a close range shot on goal.

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Q: What is the purpose of heading the ball in soccer?
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What is heading when you play soccer?

When you touch the ball with your head and it goes away it is called heading. you can head a ball into the net.

How can the soccer players make contact with the ball when its in the air?

by Heading

What is it called when someone propels the ball with their head in soccer?

It is called heading the ball or called a header.

What does a soccer player do to make contact with a ball that is too high to reach with a foot?


In soccer what is it called when a player hits the ball with their heads?

If you mean simply redirecting the ball with your head that is called a header.

When do you use heading in soccer?

At any point where kicking is not suitable or possible for situation eg. Ball in air, defending a high lofted ball, shooting from a high cross, performing a diving header if ball too far ahead of player to stretch a leg to.

What are some skills needed for soccer?

For attackers - Shooting the ball Crossing the ball Heading the ball Ability to predict the game and move into good positions For defenders - Marking the opposition Heading the ball Disposessing an opponent of the ball - tackling Clearing the ball up to the attackers from a defensive situation For everyone - Passing the ball Knowledge of the rules of the game

If you get hit in the face with a ball in soccer is it a penalty?

if someone did it on purpose yes . If it was an accident no

How do you win soccer?

Soccer is won by one team (there is two teams) scoring the most points. How you score points occurs by kicking or heading or hitting the ball with any part of your body besides your hands and getting the ball into the other teams net.

Why isn't soccer called soccer ball?

It isn't called soccer ball because the soccer ball is the ball you use in soccer. See? I have actually heard people call it soccer and soccer ball.

What is the purpose of the soccer ball?

In soccer the main goal is to get the ball down the feild and score by getting the ball in the net past the goalie. You win by having more goals than the opposite team.

Why we cann't play soccer by using a basketball?

Soccer balls are lighter. The texture and hardness of a basketball would slow down the game--your kicks would not be as successful. As far as heading the ball, that would be painful.