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30 yard circle is like a limit which is used during power-plays. During the 1st 10 overs of mandatory power-play only 2 fielders are allowed to field out of 30 yards circle and for Bowling and batting power0play 3 fielders are allowed to field out of it. And during the normal course 4 fielders must be within the 30 yards circle excluding wicket keeper and bowler.

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30 yard circle means a type of limit which is used during power-play . During 1st 10 overs of mandatory power-play only 2 fielders are allowed to field out of 30-yard circle and during batting and bowling power-plays 3 fielders are allowed to field outside 30 yards circle.

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Ignoring the "cricket ground" part of the question, because I have no idea what that has to do with circles ...

The easiest way to make a large circle would be to find a flat piece of ground, get one of those lime spreaders they use to make lines for football or Baseball fields, and a long piece of rope. Measure out 30 yards of rope (if by "30 yard circle" you mean a circle with a radius of 30 yards; if you meant a diameter of 30 yards, measure out 15 yards of rope. Now have a friend sit in the middle of the ground and hold one end of the rope. You go out to the measured distance with the striper and pull the rope tight. Walk around your friend, keeping the rope taut, and push the striper along as you go.

Bingo, 30 yard circle.

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Q: What is the purpose of 30 yards circle in the game of cricket?
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