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It's called the Uvula.

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Q: What is the punching bag in the back of throat?
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What is the medical term for the punching bag in the back of the throat?

you mean your uvula? :-) yes, that is the little dangly thing.........

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What is the thing in between your tonsils?

That thing in the back of the throat that resembles a punching bag is called the uvula. Its main job is to keep debris out of the sinuses. There is an opening behind it, and when you swallow, the uvula gets pushed over the hole.

What is the site of tonsils?

The tonsils are in the back of your mouth, technically in the pharynx. If you look in the mirror, they are those curvy parts of tissue that are on either side of your uvula. (the punching bag looking thing that hangs from your soft palate)

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What are body parts that start with the letter u?

ulnus (bone in the arm), uvula (thing that hangs down at the back of the throat that in cartoons is used as a punching bag), ureter (part of the urinary tract system), urethra (part of the urinary tract system)

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