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Q: What is the psi of a size 1 soccer ball?
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What are the different sizes a soccer ball can be?

On the sides of a soccer ball, you will see a number between 1-5. 1 being the smallest, 5 being the largest and regulation size.

The circumference of a soccer ball should not be more than what size?

70 centimeters in circumference is the maximum size of an official soccer ball. The size regulations are : between 68 and 70 centimeters around and weighing between 410 and 450 grams (just under 1 pound).

What are the side measurements of the individual hexagons and pentagons on a size 5 soccer ball?

1 side = 1.258 inches

Mass soccer ball?

The mass of a soccer ball is 0.43 kg or 1 pound.

What is the diameter of a size 1 soccer ball... Is it about the size of a baseball?

They do not exceed 43cm (17In). Baseball is 22.89-23.495 cm(9-9.25In) in circumfernce.

What is the correct size for a soccer?

The official size for a soccer ball is Size 5, which is the standard size used in professional matches and for players aged 12 and above. However, smaller sizes like Size 4 and Size 3 are used for younger age groups.

What is the psi in the explosion point of a basketball?

I pumped up a basketball to 60 PSI, at about 55 it started making crackling noises, when I got to 60 PSI the crackling noise was constant and within 2 seconds of reaching 60 PSI the ball exploded. The ball was a Wilson Optima Rubber Basketball .

When does soccer ball reach top speed?

The soccer ball reaches its top speed of about 75 mph 1 second after being hit.

Does a Soccer ball weigh 1 kg or 10 grams?


When are the two occasion a soccer player can handle the ball?

#1 - when it's goalie ball #2 - throw in

In soccer how many points is it worth when the ball goes into the net?


Size of volley ball?

Each side of an Indoor Volleyball court is 9m x 9m In beach volleyball, each side is 8m x 8m