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QB: 6'3

Slot WR: 5'11

Deep WR: 6'4

TE: 6'3

RB: 5'10

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Q: What is the prototypical size for every position in American football?
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What is a down in flag football?

Flag football is similar to American football is almost every way except the tackling. For example, a down in flag football is the same as it is in American football - ten yards.

What football position is responsible for distributing the football?

that would be the Quarterback. although the center distributes the ball to him before every play

How many American football helmets are sold every year?


Who has the Highest contract for American football player?

Every member of the Denver Broncos.

How many football teams that participated in Beijing Olympic?

No, football is not included in the Olympics because football is not an international sport. In other words, not every country has a football team, since football is an American sport.

Has there ever been a game that every drive resulted in a touchdown?

Referring to American Football (NFL)

Why do other counties call soccer ''football''?

Because America wanted to call American football that, so they could not have two. every other country in the world calls it Football!!!!!!

What makes sure the players follow rules in football?

American football has a few referee's at every game to monitor each play at all times.

Why is soccer important to England?

Because the English invented the modern game of football and they take pride in that and the rest of the world loves football to.Its the same for Americans and their American football, they think its important but the rest of the world thinks they are stupid for calling their sport American football, football, which it is not. Plus no one in the world likes American football and everyone likes real football. Its important to every country not just England.

What are the difference in physical in football and basketball?

In terms of European football and basketball, both require a great amount of stamina and explosiveness. However, basketball requires more lateral quickness and vertical explosiveness, while European football requires forward explosiveness. In terms of American football and basketball, each position in football requires a different type of physical strength (although everyone has to be good at almost every physical aspect).

How many teams in the American football league won every game in a season?

1 team Miami Dolphins.

Why is football an American sport?

The sport is embraced heavily by the US and is played in nearly every school (high school and college) in the country. American football is one of the biggest spectator sports in the US and by far has the best Pro/League to play the game. To the US, American Football is the spectator equivalent to "proper football"/"Footy" and/or Rugby for most other countries in this world. Not to mention, nearly every other country in the world just don't embrace the sport.

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