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Q: What is the process of influencing people to direct their efforts towards the achievement of a common goal?
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When you aim and plan towards a certain achievement you are?


Management what is organizing?

Organizing is just a process where by managers assembles all resources of a company and allocate them into specific locations to be utilized for the achievement of an organisation towards its specific goals.

How is language an important tool of power?

Language is an important and a powerful tool as it is fundamental for the achievement of interaction and the evolution of individuals towards a shared society. Language becomes a potent resource for influencing people's attitudes and behavior. What an individual says and how he or she says it leaves an impression on the listener.

What is the theme for English month 2009?

" Forging efforts towards high performance............,.,,,........?"

The productive resource that includes work time and work effort is called?

This resources of time worked and the efforts applied towards them are better known as human labor. Labor is the human efforts and work towards the creation of goods and services.

What is the role of people in development efforts?

participate in nations building towards sustainable development

The market segments towards which an organisation directs its marketing efforts is referred to what?

target market

Companies that make use of a pull strategy target their promotional efforts towards?


What have the SDLP and john hume done?

They helped bring about a peaceful process towards for dealing with Northern Ireland's problems. John Hume was a key part of this and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize along with David Trimble for his efforts.

What is hominization process?

Hominization Process is the process of transformation of the hominoids towards hominids.

Who led Poland's efforts towards political and economic change?

I do me in the anus I do me in the anus

Describe individual efforts that you put forth towards self-learning and improvement Give specific examples?

There are many different individual efforts that you put forth towards self learning and improvement. You may have motivation and drive to complete tasks efficiently for example.