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probability of undefeated: 0 out of a billion........................... probability of Super Bowl win: 1 out of a billion.............................

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โˆ™ 2009-01-20 18:54:56
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Q: What is the probability of the lions going undefeated next season and winning a super bowl?
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Who is most likely going to be undefeated this season in the NFL?

It's not "likely" that either the Saints or the Colts will finish the season undefeated, but of the two, the Saints have a better chance based on their overall performance and their remaining schedule.

How many NCAA teams have gone undefeated in the regular season?

I don't know the actual number but I'll start off the discussion with the fact that the most recent undefeated teams were the 1975 and 1976 Indiana Hoosiers. They lost in the tourney in '75 and gave Bob Knight his first championship by going undefeated in both season and tourney in '76.

How many years has Florida state had a winning football season?

As of the 2008 season, Florida State's last losing season was 1976 when they were 5-6. That was Bobby Bowden's first season as head coach of the Seminoles. Florida State will be going for their 32nd consecutive winning season in 2008.

Which teams have the longest undefeated run in top flight English football?

In the e.P.L it is arsenal who holds the record for going one entire season without a defeat. It was in 2004.

What is happening now in Tennessee?

Answer The University of Memphis has a basketball team that is going to play in the "Final Four" playoffs. They went undefeated during the regular season for 19 straight games.

Is the football team colts undefeated?

yes they are undeafted and going to the superbowl

Who will win the nrl 2010?

Brisbane Broncos win go undefeated in the whole season and will win the grand final 40-36 against the Parramata Eels manly is going to win

What NFL teams started the season with most wins?

Two teams in history went an entire season without losing a game.The 1972 Miami Dolphins won all 14 games of the regular season and went on to complete an undefeated post season as well winning the super bowl and going 17-0.The 2007 New England Patriots won all 16 regular season games and won their new two post season games to win 18 games in a row to start the season. However, they lost in super bowl XLII to the New York Giants.

Are the Saints going to go undefeated?

yes they will, tthey'll make it to the super bowl and win

Who were last two Horses to run in the Kentucky Derby that were undefeated going into the race?

i know curlin was undeafeated going into the triple crown....... the last 2 winners to go into the triple crwon undefeated were barbaro and smarty Jones if that helps :)

What is experimental probability vs theoretical probability?

Theoretical probability is what should occur (what you think is going to occur) and experimental probability is what really occurs when you conduct an experiment.

Who were the A-league premiers in 2013?

Western Sydney Wanderers were Australian A-league premiers in 2013, with 57 points at the end of the season. Runners up were Central Coast Mariners with 54 points.Western Sydney Wanderers, in their opening season, had ten wins in a row towards the end of the season as well as going 13 matches undefeated.

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