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No two times isn't a record. Manchester United our going for there fourth this season in a row!!!

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Q: Is Manchester United winning the premier league twice in a row a record?
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Who scored the Winning goal for Manchester United in their First Premier League Victory?

brian deane

How much prize money did Manchester united receive for winning the premier league 2009?


Who scored the winning goal for Manchester united in the 1992-3 premier League?

Ryan giggs

What league is Manchester United in?

They are in the Barclays Premier League

When was Manchester united relegated from premier league?

Manchester united have never been relegated from the premier league. in 1974 they were relegated from the old first division

Who are Manchester United target?

Manchester City in the premier league

How much was Manchester United paid for winning the English premier league?

43 million and millions more by club sponsers

Who is won the premier league?

Manchester united

Will Manchester united win the premier league?

Manchester united will win the premier league i am positive damian da silva wrote this. awe wesley.

How long has Manchester untied been in the premier league?

Manchester United have been in the Premier League since its inception in 1992.

How many premiership has Manchester united won?

Manchester United have won a record total of 19 Premiership titles,winning the Premier League 12 times since its inception in 1992

Which club is top of the premier league?

Manchester United :( As of 14/2/12, Manchester City sits top of the premier league.