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Q: What is the prize money for the 19th place driver in the Daytona 500?
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How is the masters prize money split if there is a tie for third place?

The Masters prize money is split according to a designated formula. In case of a tie for third place, the money prize for third and fourth place are averaged and awarded to the two players.

What was The Masters prize money?

In 2009 it was $1,350,000 for first place.

Sweepstakes notification center in dallas Texas is there such a place?

There is a place that sends out scams under this name. Do not send them money to claim your "prize report". You won't win a prize by sending them money.

Did anyone get the 100000 second place money on survivor?

Everyone who has come in second place receives the $100,000 prize money.

How is golf pga tournment money split if amature wins?

When an amateur wins a professional event, the organisers will give the prize money for 1st place to the 2nd placed competitor, and 2nd place prize money to 3rd placed and so on.

What is first place money for the British open?

First prize money for the 2015 British Open is $1,805,500

If you have to pay off 5 people with a prize money of 710 dollars what would the payoff be with first place getting 50 percent of the prize money?

355 Dollars.

Did Dawn and Sherri have to split the second place prize money on Survivor?

Since both Dawn and Sherri received no votes in the final tribal council, they will combine the second and third place prize money and split it between the two.

What does the amateur win in the US Open?

Whoever finishes runner up to him will get all the first place money and the second place money.

How much prize money does Wimbledon's first place winner get?

Rs. 9.6 Crore

What is the average first place prize money for the pga champions tour senior?


How much prize money did Darren clarke get for winning the open?

$1,451,830 for First Place