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The most popular sport in Yemen is soccer. However, residents participate in hiking, mountain climbing and water sports, such as Scuba and Surfing.

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Q: What is the primary sport in Yemen?
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What is the national sport in Yemen?


What is the national sport of Yemen?

I herd that it was Football but I might be wrong, It's just that I am doing an assignment on Yemen and I found it in Wikapedia

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What is the most popular sport in Yemen?

Soccer and Camel and Horse Racing The most popular one though is soccer

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Was the country of yemen always called yemen?

No, it used to be called, Republic of Yemen

What nation is Yemen in?

Yemen is a country. Officially: The Republic of Yemen.

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Republic of Yemen and some the call The Arab republic of Yemen

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194 southern yemen they fight against northern yemen but north they have help from iraq and the sudan so north yemen

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The motto of Yemen is ''.

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yes.moses maimonides famous "letter to yemen"where can i read it?

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Yes. Yemen is part of the middle east because where the middle east is located yemen is there . therefore yemen is part of the middle east

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actually there is mcdonalds in sana'a and aden. i have a friend in yemen who said there is. but if only they had applebees in yemen.

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ancient yemen

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