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the forward, or striker.

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Q: What is the primary offense position in soccer?
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What position is locateed between the offense and defense in soccer?

That would be the midfield.

How can you use offense in a sentence?

I play offense in the soccer game

What does the position defense in soccer do?

Defense or a defender helps the goalie put incase the goalie can not get the ball.the defense posistion in soccer is supposed to keep the other team from scoring. when the defense gets the ball, their job is to get it up to the offense

What is a pointguard in soccer?

Pointguard is not a soccer position. This position exists in basketball, however.

What do you call the players in soccer that are actually playing not defense?


Is a throw in rewarded as a penalty offense in soccer?

A throw-in is not a penalty kick offense. It is a normal method of restarting play.

What is a position that plays mostly defense in soccer?

A Position in soccer that is both offensive and defensive is the position central mifield

What constitutes an offense to referee by soccer coach?

You are going to have to clarify your question.

When are the best dribbling used in soccer?

In offense when you are trying to reach the goal.

What isn't a soccer position offence defence special team or midfield?

Special teams is not a position in soccer.

What is the descripition of soccer?

Okay. There are three general positions in soccer: goalie, defense, and offense. Sometimes, there are extra positions: sweeper and midfield. The goalie is the only person who can use their hands. They stop the ball from going into their team's goal. Defense defends the goal. They are the closest position to the goalie. A couple feet up is the sweeper. Next comes the midfield. And finally, the offense. The goal is to get the soccer ball into the other team's goal using only you're feet.

What is transiton in soccer?

Transition is when your team TRANSITIONS from defense to offense or vice versa