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The price range of a Finger BMX bike depends on where these items are purchased. They generally can be purchased from anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00. One many find these bikes on sites such as eBay or Amazon.

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Q: What is the price range of a Finger BMX?
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How do you finger bmx?

Go on you tube and search how to finger bmx.

Where can you buy a finger bmx?

at the entertainer

Where kan you buy finger bmx in Holland?

in toysrus

What is the price of BMX bikes in India?

Yeah, the price of BMX in India starts from 7,000 to 1,00000 It depends on the model you take!

When is the 2011 mongoose BMX range due for release?


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How light is the lightest bmx bike?

it depends on what sort of rider you are going to be, if your going to be a skatepark rider (tricks ect,) go to your nearest bike store and look at different ones in your price range.

Where can you purchase BMX freestyle bikes?

If one were to purchase a freestyle BMX bike, one could go to a specialist bike shop. Alternatively, various specialist companies, such as Vital BMX offer a huge range of products.

What is the price range for Kichler lighting?

What is the price range for Kichler lighting? There is a big gap of price range for Kichler lighting. The price range for Kichler Lighting is anywhere from $50 to a reasonable $700.

What is the best bmx bike you can get for max 350?

Unfortunately, most bikes in that price range have hi-tensile steel frames. I've looked for something with a Cromo frame in that price range and couldn't find anything. If you find anything with Cromo frame, and especially if it has a three piece crank, for $350, I would jump all over it.

How much do bmx bikes weigh?

15lbs and up! It depends upon what the bike is made of. The department store bmx bikes are the heaviest more in the 25lb+ range. If your looking to actually race bmx. A retail bmx is not a good choice. They also cannot handle the track conditions and are very heavy!

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