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An offensive position played close to the basket along the key.

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Q: What is the post and the wing?
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Names of different position on basketball?

post wing guard

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Typically in younger kids games the positions are Point Guard, Wing, Wing, Post, Post. But with NBA and leagues like that, they are, Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Power Forward, Small Forward, and Center

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If you are referring to the distance from wing tip to wing tip, it is usually called "wingspan".

Does the Cessna 182 have a high wing or a low wing?

It has a high wing.

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Where does the winger in field hockey stand?

It is actually called the wing, and they are the outer positions on the forward line, the left wing and right wing are what they are called. In field hockey, they always stay to the side so you player can give you a breakaway. This is when everyone is clumped on one side of the field, they pass you the ball so no one on the other team is blocking you. When you are by the other teams goal cage, the wing stands at the post, or the side of the goal, so when someone passes them the ball, they can just easily hit it in.

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A wing that is red



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