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First of all kaka is a Brazilian footballer.

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Q: What is the portuguese soccer player KaKa real name?
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Does Ricardo kaka the amazing soccer player have a brother?

yes he name is popo

Is 'kaka' a Portuguese name?

Yes, 'kaka' is a Portuguese name. It is a common nickname for people with the given name 'Carlos,' particularly in Brazil.

What is the football player Kaka's first name?

Kaka's full name is Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite.

Is there a soccer player that name starts with Q?

There are a couple of famous soccer players whose last name starts with the letter Q. Ricardo Quaresma is a Portuguese professional soccer player that started out by playing at the Sporting Clube de Portugal. There is also Fabio Quagliarella who is an Italian soccer player. The sport of soccer in both of these countries is called footballing.

Who is the best soccer player in soccer history?

Pelé, from Brazil - real name, Edison Arantes do Nascimento. The best soccer player in history is Pelé, a Brazilian international that played during the 60s.

How do you spell Cristiano Ronaldo?

That is the correct spelling of the name of Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese soccer player born February 5, 1985).

Who is the richest soccer player?

The richest soccer player in the world is David Beckham Christiano Ronaldo wouldn't be to far behind him tho...same with leonel messi and Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite(Kaka's real name) it is not only david beckham it is also ronaldo.......

What is kaka's full name?

Ricardo Kaka

What is Kaka's Skype name?

kaka yek

Is caca a football player or a basketball player?

There is a famous Brazilian soccer player named Kaka. He plays for Real Madrid in the Spanish Primera League. There is a german player named cacau, but he is less known and he plays for VFB Stuttgart in the German Bundesliga.

What color is a kaka?

Kaka is not an official color. There are paint companies and people with the name Kaka but not a color.

What kaka real name?

kaka`s real name is ricardo leite that is excluding his middle can buy the on the goal kaka`s story