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Q: What is the population of soccer?
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What is the population of Goals Soccer Centres?

Goals Soccer Centres's population is 650.

What is the population for soccer?

I honestly don't know the exact population of soccer, but soccer is the most played sport in the world.

What is the soccer population in the world?

60,356 people are soccer players in the world.

What is the population of soccer in India?


Soccers world population over baseballs world population?

It depends what country your from if your from U.S.A baseball has more population if your talking about the UK soccer wins but if your talking about me soccer wins again but I would say for over all of the global population SOCCER WINS because soccer (football) is a world sport when baseball is just about 50% of the world's population. SO THERE YOU GO!

What is the population in other countries that play soccer?


Has the soccer population increased since beckham in the usa?


3 inventions that had an impact on population growth?

um.idk....i.luv soccer............

How many soccer players are Muslims?

There are probably millions of Muslim soccer players. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world (by population), and is played in most (if not all) Islamic nations.

What is the population of soccer in the US?

soccer is very popular throughout the schools in the US but professional soccer is not very often watched...professional women's soccer was so unpopular that it was actually cancelleda few years ago for a while

How many soccer fans in the US?

There aren't many, simply because everyone loves American football. Soccer is rising though, but I would say there are maybe 10%-30% of the population is a soccer fan!

What percent of people play soccer in Canada?

Well based on the estimated Population of 34,000,000 in Canada and 2,695,712 (Soccer Canada's Number) people play Soccer in an organized league, that works out to 7.93% of the population. Ironic since Hockey is considered to be the National sport yet only 570,000 people play organized Hockey (Hockey Canada's Numbers) which makes for a percentage of approx 1.69% of the population.

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