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I am certain that soccer is the most popular sport in Europe but i am not sure about the exact figures. Soccer is also the most popular sport in Africa and South America.

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Q: What is the popularity of soccer in Europe?
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What is the popularity of soccer worldwide?


What is the popularity of soccer today?


Why do the french love soccer?

The game of soccer was invented in England so it's popularity throughout Europe spread easily. I imagine the French were inspired to try and beat the British at their own national game.

Was soccer originated in Europe?

Football/ Soccer was invented in England, which is part of Europe.

What percent of Europe plays soccer?

I say about 97% of Europe likes soccer

Percentage of soccer popularity in each state?


What are the statistics on the popularity of soccer in the US?

Down to up

What is the conclussion between US soccer and Europe soccer?

Soccer in Europe is generally thought to be played at a quicker pace than US soccer

On miss popularity how do you get into the soccer field the second time?

On the computer game Miss Popularity to get on to the soccer field for the second time first go to the mall and purchase all the gear needed to play soccer. Then go back to the soccer field and fill in for Sunnyboy.

How many professional soccer teams are there in Europe?

how many professional soccer teams are there in Europe

What is the best soccer team in Europe?

Soccer is "THE" sport of Europe, so the question of who is the best is very emotion to Europeans. According to popularity polls Arsenal FC and FC Barcalona are the fans favorite. Statisically, based on wins, it would depend upon how far in history one would want to examine.

What is basketball's popularity in the US?

I think the popularity of soccer is because of the LAKERS and COBY BRYAN i think !ok! ......8Y3

Soccer popularity in the US?

Sadly soccer in the United States isn't as popular as the big sports such as American Footbal, Basketball and Baseball it would rank behind golf and tennis in popularity.

Why did soccer become popular in Australia?

Soccer is increasing in popularity in Australia thanks in part to immigrants from Europe who have brought their love of soccer with them. The most obvious example are immigrants from the UK; also Australia is home to many Greeks, Italians and people from the former Yugoslavia. The same thing is happening in the United States as the hispanic, soccer-loving population grows.

How was soccer established?

All i know is soccer was created in europe

Who are the soccer champions of Europe?

The Portuguese are the soccer champions of Europe, for Soccer. Although they came 2nd in the 2004 world cup, their overall results for their soccer history is outstanding. GO PORTUGAL!!!!!!!!

What is the popularity of soccer?

soccer is much more popular than any sport. 60,000,000,000 people have been soccer fans over the last 30 years.

How do you spell soccer in Europe?

It is also spelt soccer in English in Europe. Europe has many other languages and there are various words used in those different languages.

What is the common name for soccer in Europe?

Soccer is the same thing a "football".

How is soccer in Europe played?

what is soccer, do you mean football. thats the probem.

Popularity of soccer in Italy?

Football is very popular in Italy, it is their natianol game.

Which sport is gaining in popularity in Chile?

Ok, everyone should know that soccer is!!

What has been an effect of the popularity of television and films in Europe?

cultural difference within Europe have declined

What has been an effect of the popularity television and films in Europe?

cultural differences within europe have declined

Popularity of american football vs European football?

European football (Soccer) has always been more popular than American football. In Europe, football is the most popular sport, with some teams netting over 1 billion dollars a season. In America, soccer as it is called, has grown in popularity over the years, but is still far behind football (American), baseball, and basketball.