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University of Wyoming Football

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Q: What is the popular sports team for Wyoming?
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What is the wyoming NFL team?

The state of Wyoming currently does not have any professional sports teams.

What are some Wyoming sports teams?

Outside of the University of Wyoming Cowboys sports teams there aren't many sports teams in Wyoming. There is a minor league basketball team in Gillette, Wyoming nicknamed the Roughnecks. There is a junior hockey team in Cody, Wyoming called the Yellowstone Quake. Finally, there is a professional roller derby team in Cheyenne called the Cheyenne Capidolls.

What are popular team sports in china?

basketball, volleyball, baseball and criket are some of the popular team sports in china

What are the popular team sports in south Korea?

List of most popular team sports in South Korea:FootballBaseballBowlingBadmintonE-SportsIce Hockey

What are popular team sports played in North Korea?

government organized team sports

Most popular sports team of Nebraska?

If I were to give my opinoin on the most popular sports team in Nebraska the Corn Huskers would be the most popular.

What are the most popular team sports played in Australia?

The most popular team sports are cricket, soccer, rugby, basketball and netball

What are the major sports teams in Wyoming?

Wyoming has no major sports teams.

What are the sports teams of Wyoming?

If you are referring to the University of Wyoming...they are the Wyoming Cowboys for men, and the Wyoming Cowgirls for women. There are no "major league" teams in Wyoming, however, there are two professional sport teams in Wyoming: The Wyoming Cavalry, professional indoor football team of the Indoor Football League, play in Casper, Wyoming. The Wyoming Roughnecks is an American Basketball Association (ABA) team based in Gillette, Wyoming.

What is the most popular sports team in Australia?

Australian Cricket Team

What popular team sports do they play in North Korea?

Several popular team sports are played in North Korea, including soccer and ice hockey.

Are there famous sports teams in Wyoming?

There are no Professional Sports teams in Wyoming, however there are some famous sports teams including the University of Wyoming Cowboys.

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