What is the point value of winning a grand slam?

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Currently the points for winning a grand slam are 2000. and 1200 for the runner up.

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Q: What is the point value of winning a grand slam?
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In Bridge what exactly is a grand slam?

A grand slam is bidding and winning a contract of 13 tricks (all) in any suit or in no-trump. A small slam is bidding and winning a contract of 12 tricks (all but 1).

What is the biggest shock in rugby?

Scotland winning a Grand Slam

What is a slam in the game of tennis?

A slam in pro tennis is winning all four grand slams in a row.

What is winning all 4 grand slams in one season called?

it is called a career grand slam

First lady to complete the Grand Slam by winning all 4 Grand slam singles titles in the same calendar year?

Maureen Connolly, in 1953

By winning which grand slam did Roger Federer break Pete Sampras's record of 14 grand slams?


What tournaments does a tennis player win to win all grand slams?

The Australian Open, The French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Winning all four in a calendar year is called winning the grand slam - or a golden slam.

How many points do you get for winning a grand slam?

You Get 2000 Points And Runner Up 800

How many points does a player get after winning a tennis grand slam event?

2000 Points

How did Nadal complete a career Grand Slam by winning the US Open Title?

By eating his Racquet

What does it mean to defend points in a major tennis tournament?

when playing a grand slam, one of the players will eventually come to a point where it means they could win the match. lets say for example 40-0 for players A if player B wins the next point to make it 40-15 they defended a championship point because they prevented player A from winning the grand slam

Name the four tennis tournament that make up ' grand slam'?

French open U.S. open Wimbledon Australian Open Winning one counts as a grand slam not all four.

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